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With the release of Anywhere Elementor from Anand Upadhyay, Elementor has been elevated to the top of the WordPress page builder heap, IMNSHO. Here is why:

1. To obtain the global template functionality provided by this combination, one would need to purchase at least the Standard version of BB.

2. To utilize that functionality in the commercial version of BB, one still has to use a shortcode, albeit a BB one.

3. One must purchase a commercial version of BB to have the Elementor Library functionality. This is of course provided for in the current release of Elementor.

4. Modules (Elementor widgets) available. Elementor provides a list of widgets that are only available in the commercial versions of BB.

On the downside, the inability (as of yet) for Elementor to be able to place it’s Library contents within other Elementor widgets via a shortcode or whatever other method, precludes it from being able to place non-global “templates” into these areas.

I will be doing a blog post soon on the Sniffle Valve site where I will compare the capabilities and offerings of the these two page builders.

This is not to say that BB is not a very capable system. On the contrary.

But, it has met it’s match 🙂

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