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elementor column gap explained

Elementor – Column Gap Explained

This is a topic that has stymied not only me, but many other new and experienced Elementor users. Hopefully this quick tutorial will demystify the…


This is one of the best, if not THE best, video tutorials I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

My friend, your pacing, your information, your tone, your knowledge – is fantastic! I really appreciate the work you’ve done on this and look forward to what other videos you have.
Larry Farr

This is a question I was struggling with.

I have read many persons trying to explain that in the forums and on websites. It was clear as mud. Your post is extremely helpful because for the first time, I am making the real difference between Dynamik Website Builder and Beaver builder. I am using those tools and you have been a great part in the decision of using them.
Marcel Longchamps

Hey buddy!

I realy enjoy your vids-tuts about the awesome and very lean theme GeneratePress and also with the new kid on the block Elementor drag&drop builder. Please go ahead and do a lot more of these – i’ll enjoy to watch them anyway ? Greetings from Denmark Tom
Tom Pedersen

Best IT instructional video I’ve seen yet

Best IT instructional video I’ve seen yet- nice and clear to follow! You have a very nice voice too : )
Cristie Bowcher-Royce

Thank you for showing me about BB short codes.

I didn’t realize that was possible so you’ve opened up a new world of design possibilities using beaverbuilder : )
Jason Norman

Thanks for doing these videos.

They are helpful for those learning the ropes.
Robert Donnell

Great explanation Lyle!

I’m going to get the Genesis/Dynamic combo and use the lite version of BB at first. I’m sure I’ll buy the pro version later.
Ted Rinshed

Thanks for the video

Thanks for the video – you’re the first person that has actually showed how to use Dynamik Theme and Beaver Builder. There has been plenty that seemed like it would show, but not really.

Just awesome.

Seems that we use a similar toolset. Thanks for sharing.
Adrian Monjes

Thank you Sniffle!!

Your tutorials are very helpful!
Pablo del Valle

Thanks mate

Thanks mate, saved my day.
Al Sa