Central Color Palette

UPDATE: 05 January 2019 – Central Color Palette version 1.13 now includes support for Gutenberg.

Central Color Palette setings

UPDATE: 19 March 2018 – Central Color Palette version 1.12 now includes support for the Beaver Builder page builder.
See below video for usage with Beaver Builder.

This tutorial video shows you how to install and setup the Central Color Palette plugin to enable a centralized location to set colors to be used in the WordPress editor (TinyMCE) as well as the theme customizer and the Elementor page builder.

It truly is one of my “Must Install” plugins!

Using the Central Color Palette plugin with Beaver Builder

Install and activate the plugin then enable the settings and setup your custom colors in Dashboard > Settings > Central Color Pallete

When using the color picker in Beaver Builder, select Color Presets

Your Central Color Palette colors are displayed, ready for you to select 🙂

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  1. Thank you! As a relatively new WP user, it’s always amazed me that saving a colour to be used everywhere isn’t a standard option. This is perfect.

  2. Lyle–
    This looks like a VERY useful tool. (And it would seem from your added screen shots below the video that Beaver Builder capability must have been added after you recorded the video.)
    It should come in very handy.

    I agree with the other comments in saying that it has always seemed to me that the ability to save colors to be used everywhere on a website should be something that is standard. It gets rather cumbersome to have to continually be adding a color pallet into all the locations where pallets are needed.

    Thanks for sharing this — much appreciated.

    1. Hi Carolin,
      You are absolutely correct … the Beaver Builder support came out the very next day after recording the video!
      The update came out 2 days after the feature request was made, so that I why I really like this plugin’s developer: he responds immediately to legitimate user requests 🙂
      Yes, one would think that by now this sort of thing should be handled in WP core, but with this handy plugin, we can have it now 🙂

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