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Update: 01 OCT 2018

In response to a comment on the post, I have added below the video the steps and a screenshot showing how to increase the font size of the Simple CSS editor.
Thanks for the suggestion, Gary 🙂

An overview of the Simple CSS plugin for WordPress.

This is not a CSS “builder” nor “inspector” along the lines of CSS Hero, MicroThemer, Yellow Pencil, SiteOrigin CSS or Stylizer 6.

It is simply a light-weight and handy CSS editor that allows you to enter your own CSS and to be able to do so in more than one place: the Simple CSS Editor, the theme Customizer and on each page and post.

Also shown in the video is how to increase the text size of the Simple CSS editor.


WARNING: This shows you how to modify a core file and this change will be lost when the plugin is updated.

It is best practice to NOT modify core files for the reason stated. However, in this case, you may still want to for the following reasons:
– it’s for a cosmetic, not a functional change
– the plugin is infrequently updated
– it’s for your own use
– you now know how to change it again when the plugin does get updated

How to increase the text size of the Simple CSS editor

  1.  from Plugins, select …
  2.  Editor
  3.  choose Simple CSS from the dropdown and click …
  4.  Select
  5.  click the CSS arrow and click …
  6.  codemirror.css
  7.  place cursor at the end of line 7, press Enter and add font-size: 15px;
  8.  click Update File

Simple CSS screenshot

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  1. Very helpful tutorial, Lyle.
    So clear and understandable that even I could follow along!
    I now know just what to do next time Tom Usborne gives me a code snippit to “try”!
    Now I’m eager to see what other tutorials you have.
    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Lyle

    Thank you for a very informative tutorial. Would you explain again how to increase the font size in codemirror or the wordpress coder in WordPress 4.9 or later?

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Gary,
      Your wish is my command! 🙂
      Check out the post as I have added the steps and a screenshot showing how.

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