GeneratePress and Elementor – Introduction and Installation

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A short introduction to the GeneratePress theme and the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress.

The video goes through the installation and initial settings of both which will help you with your workflow when using them.

Quite basic, but there are a few items covered that will save you grief, woe and misery if you look after them first.

2 thoughts on “GeneratePress and Elementor – Introduction and Installation”

  1. Avatar

    The video is too fuzzy to read on my laptop, even with browser view changed from 100% to 200%. The audio is probably understandable for experienced WP users, but for a beginner the flow was incomprehensibly fast and mysterious, starting with the magical switch from Twenty Sixteen to Nothing Found (“I took away can’t have.”)

    1. Avatar

      Hi Max,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      Looks fine on my Surface Pro 3. The video is at 1080p so not much higher resolution to go.
      As for the audio, it is as clear as can be, even for beginners, in my opinion. If I slowed it down any more, I would put everyone to sleep! 🙂

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