Fix for horizontal wiggle on iPhone with Elementor and GeneratePress

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For those of you who have experienced a sort of “wiggle” on an iPhone when viewing your Elementor created pages using the GeneratePress theme, this is the fix.

The issue is not that it creates a horizontal scroll bar, but that you are able to move the page horizontally back and forth a bit.

Add this custom CSS to where you add your custom CSS (Simple CSS is my preferred location) and your Elementor created pages in GeneratePress will be rock solid.

A big thanks to Nicholas in the GP forum for this.

html, body {
    max-width: 100% !important;
    overflow-x: hidden !important;

15 thoughts on “Fix for horizontal wiggle on iPhone with Elementor and GeneratePress”

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    Lyle…just this morning I had this problem on a website. I remembered that you had a fix for this…came here…found it…added your CSS…checked the site…and yeahhhh!!! It works. Thanks so much.

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