Elementor – Sections and Columns

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Hopefully, this video will help clarify the concept of Sections and Columns within the Elementor page builder plugin.

There has been a lot of talk about this subject on the Elementor Facebook Group among other places. The primary bone of contention is the semantics involved. One has to get over the fact that Elementor names their Sections, Sections and not “row”, as is done in that “cough, cough” other page builder.

Once you can get by that concept, and just accept it, the rest is easy, once you know the sequence to do so. And it is the sequence that is the key!

2 thoughts on “Elementor – Sections and Columns”

    1. Avatar
      Sniffle Valve

      Hi Yves,
      Because when the video was created, what is now called Inner Section was called Columns.

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