Dynamik Website Builder + Beaver Builder + Formidable Forms + Dambuster – Two Row Inline Contact Form

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In this video, I show you how to set up the free, lite version of the Formidable Forms plugin, available on the WordPress Plugin Repository, in a two row, inline format. The layout is edge-to-edge with a photo background.

Also used are the free, lite versions of the Beaver Builder plugin and the Genesis Dambuster plugin, both available at the location mentioned above.

A bonus in this video is showing how to do a local install of WordPress on the XAMPP local web server.


I should note that one does not need the Dambuster plugin to achieve the edge-to-edge row when using DWB – just select the Page Builder page template from the Templates drop down in the WP Editor for that page. This will also strip out the page title.

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