Aaron Shannon C-FGGN

Happy Anniversary!

As of this date, Sniffle Valve is two years old! Wow!

In memory of this most auspicious occasion, I will repost what I did on that date, two years ago when Sniffle Valve was officially launched.

And on a very auspicious date, I might add.

Today, the 12th day of April, 2015, is the birthday of both my little brother and my one and only niece. I will forgo the mention of how many trips around the sun each have accomplished as of this date.

To be polite.

I will note however, that both have fewer ringers ’round the sun than I do.

However, that doesn’t mean that a photo cannot be provided. The two birthday kids a ‘few’ years ago at the Humboldt, Saskatchewan airport with the 1973 Piper Cherokee 180, CF-GGN.

I wonder what things will be like two years from now 🙂

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