Exciting things on the Beaver Builder horizon

According to their blog post there are some very exciting developments for the Beaver Builder plugin.

The main one that I will be focusing upon in a number of new videos will be the introduction of the Beaver Builder Shortcode.

Now, a lot of you are not overly keen on yet more shortcodes, but I do believe that you will be on the bandwagon with these. What this means is that you can create a layout using Beaver Builder, save it, and then use that content anywhere on your site!

And by ‘anywhere’ I mean not only within the standard WordPress editor for any page or post, but more importantly, within in any area of your theme.

This means that you will be able to place BB created content within your header or sidebar using only a standard WP Text Widget which is populated with the requisite BB Shortcode.

For example, do you have an email subscription form? Well, create it and style it as you would like with BB and save it as a template. Then use that template as the source for your shortcode to display in your header area. Too easy!

As mentioned, once the final version is released (which should be by mid January, 2016), I will be putting together a few videos to show how to use this awesome added functionality.

Stay tuned.

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