I attended my very first WordCamp last weekend, May 28th and 29th here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The venue was Fort Calgary, which I have to admit, I had never visited in the more than 15 years that I have lived in the city. A perfect place for it. Great meeting rooms, a theater for the key sessions and the lunch on day one was very tasty indeed!

As Sniffle Valve is geared toward the beginner, you may be thinking that this sort of event is not for you. You would be quite mistaken. When the question was asked at one session for a show of hands of how many consider themselves total beginners, a good 80% of the room raised their hand! That’s right. These events are suitable for WordPress users of all levels of experience. From the person who is just thinking about setting up a WordPress site to those who make their living doing nothing but. And every other experience level in between.

Here is a link to the event schedule and other information:


So have a look at this link to see if there is a WordCamp either coming to your area soon or if there is one in the planning stages.


The cost is extremely reasonable and the knowledge, connections and friends you will make is priceless.

Just as a side note, I always wondered why they call it “WordCamp” and not “WordPressCamp”. Reason being, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was going to be attending a “WordCamp” over the weekend and he replied to me, “oh, so Microsoft is setting this up?”.

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