Moving WordPress – Web Host to Local Server

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If you want to copy an existing WordPress site, hosted on a remote web server, to your local computer in order to test out design changes, themes, plugins, etc., here are the steps involved:

Live Site:

– export the database
– ZIP the contents of the site and download (or if the live site does not support ZIP (archiving, compression, etc.)) then use FTP to download)

Local Site:

– use phpMyAdmin to create a new, empty database
– import the exported database .sql file
– edit the siteurl and home fields in the wp-options table with the new location URL:

http://localhost – if it will be in the root of the local server
http://localhost/folder_name – if in a folder in the local server web root

– unZIP or move the downloaded site files to the desired location
– edit the wp-config.php file there with the local database connection credentials (use Notepad or equivalent to do so)
– log into the local site Dashboard and install and run this plugin:

— select all options EXCEPT the last one (GUID)

– go to Settings > Permalinks and just re-save

Done 🙂