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An overview of the Simple CSS plugin for WordPress.

This is not a CSS “builder” nor “inspector” along the lines of CSS Hero, MicroThemer, Yellow Pencil, SiteOrigin CSS or Stylizer 6.

It is simply a light-weight and handy CSS editor that allows you to enter your own CSS and to be able to do so in more than one place: the Simple CSS Editor, the theme Customizer and on each page and post.

Also shown in the video is how to increase the text size of the Simple CSS editor.

2 thoughts on “Other – Simple CSS”

  1. Very helpful tutorial, Lyle.
    So clear and understandable that even I could follow along!
    I now know just what to do next time Tom Usborne gives me a code snippit to “try”!
    Now I’m eager to see what other tutorials you have.
    Many thanks.

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