Elementor – Tabs title and description using shortcodes

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Using shortcodes to display Elementor created content in the Tabs title as well as the Tabs description area opens up some interesting design possibilities. 

One should note that the same thing can be done with the Elementor Accordion and Toggle widgets as well.

2 thoughts on “Elementor – Tabs title and description using shortcodes”

  1. That’s funny, I was doing some experimenting with this myself today. I created a fancy button in Elementor Library Template, took the shortcode and put it in the title, just like you did (I’m assuming from your title, I didn’t actually watch, like I said, I did the same thing (I think.)

    Then I made a second template called “tab in tabs” which consisted of the tabs element (this being separate from my tabs widget on my actual page.) I plugged this into the content section of the tabs widget on my main page.

    Then I created a third template called “tab inside tab inside tab” and placed this inside the template content inside the “tabs in tabs” template.

    To make a long story short, it works. Crazy how flexible these shortcode injections are, opens up a world of possibilities.

    1. Sniffle Valve

      Hi Andrew,
      I never thought of that but that sure gets the old noggin thinking about what else can be put in there 🙂
      Accordions and toggles in tabs! The list goes on 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!

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