Dynamik Website Builder – Footer Credits Without a Plugin

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This short video shows how to replace the default Genesis and Dynamik Website Builder footer credits with your own, without using a plugin.

It’s a two step process:

1. PHP code to place in Genesis > Dynamik Custom > Functions

add_filter( 'genesis_footer_creds_text', 'sp_footer_creds_text' );
function sp_footer_creds_text() {
echo '<div><p>';
echo 'Copyright © ';
echo date('Y');
echo ' · <a href="http://your-url-goes-here.com/"> Your Text Goes Here</a>';
echo '</p></div>';

2. CSS to center the footer credits is placed in Genesis > Dynamik Custom > CSS

/* Center Footer Creds */
.site-footer .creds {
width: 100%;

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