I’m not a Slacker

Nor am I a Facebooker.

I prefer to get the latest info about issues others are having with the various tools that I use to build websites and to provide timely, up to date tutorials for the same, from a company sponsored user forum. Perhaps I am just too old to “get” Slack. I tried. Honestly. But it does not cut it for me. Way too much clutter. Same goes for Facebook Groups. I do not want opinion, I want answers. Organized answers to organized questions.

The reason for this, shall we say, rant, is the recent decision by┬áthe lads over at Beaver Builder to decommission their forum. Unfortunate choice, in my not-so-humble opinion. Here’s why.

That forum was an invaluable source of information for me about what was going on with their products, specifically, the Beaver Builder plugin. I was not as much interested in their theme as I use Dynamik Website Builder exclusively. Who, by the way, attempted a forum “coup”. Didn’t work, and Eric reverted back the tried and true community version.

The point is, I was active on that Beaver Builder forum. I helped out whenever and wherever I could and it was an impetus for me to dig into issues that others were posting about. I ended up creating more than a few tutorials based upon what had been posted.

I get that they want to provide a better product support method with what they are using now. But that’s not the point, at least for me. If I have a legitimate support issue, I will submit a ticket. Please┬áBilly, Justin and Robby, take a look at how Eric over at Cobalt Apps has it set up. His forum is a community forum, supported by many knowledgeable end users of his products. As with yours, if someone has an issue that cannot be handled there, that user is encouraged to submit a support ticket.

As it stands now, since Beaver Builder has switched to this system, I have absolutely no idea what is going on with their product, one that I have used since day one and one that I promote each and every chance that I get.


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